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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 4, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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ahead of the biggest fireworks show. along the waterfront, this big crowd is good for business. >> it is and one reason is this amazing weather that we're having. you can actually see down to the end of the pier where they are already starting, people
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have been coming down here to eat, shop and celebrate the 4th. >> happy 4th of july. >> blue skies brought out smiles and with the promise of a fog free night people came in larger than usual crowds to the waterfront. >> we decided to bring the family out and he enjoy the fireworks. >> every year we're hopefully. every year. >> we got a tour behind the scenes to see the crews loading the fireworks. they have 58 shows in the bay area, down slightly. >> there are a few that are having budget issue and decided to not have their show. >> this family drove from pittsburgh bringing their sunglasses and pitching a tent. >> i hope no fog bank. hoping no fog. >> people danced to festive music and along with red, white, and blue, giants fans
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sported orange and black. >> the whole 9-yards. we'll do everything today. maybe eat some apple pie too, who knows. >> big crowds are giving businesses a welcomed boost. >> how's business. >> business is going great today. the biggest day of the year. giants game, fireworks, lots of people, tourists. >> media is running special shuttles tonight for the fireworks. it is set to start at 9:30 and last about 20 minutes. there will be a special tribute to all branches of the u.s. military. >> san francisco is the biggest but other fireworks shows include the fair and at great american park. san francisco firefighters knock out a brush fire late in afternoon. a firefighter told our camera man that four to five acres
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burned. the fire was behind early durado elementary. a parking enforcement officer today helped alert residents to a fire in their apartment building. this happened just before 6:00 this morning. police say while fire alarms were sounding in the building, the parking enforcement officer spotted smoke and started ringing doorbells and pounding on doors. >> you couldn't even see the fire building. smoke was rolling out into the street. so it was a tough fire. fire fighters rescued a woman as well as two dogs. the fire spread to two buildings until it was controlled. there's no word on the cause, although investigators say it does not appear suspicious. we now know the names of three men who died during the the holiday weekend. >> anthony was killed at about 10:30 last night.
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he and another man were found shot on west ruby avenue. the other man was in crit car length condition. then a 19 year old was found shot and killed. 15 minutes later someone opened fire into a car at the intersection of mcdonald avenue and 1st street. another victim was wounded. arrests have been made. investigators don't know whether the shootings are related line >> reporter: a police officer lost control of his car today flipping upside down. it happened on highway 4 near the willow road exist. >> this prisoner has been unruly during their arrest and he was spitting on the officer, and the officer was trying to get something to stop this
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prisoner for spitting on him. >> a honda civic was also involved in the accident. the officer, the prisoner, and two people in the honda were taken to the hospital. their injuries did not appear life threatening. >> mexican authorities may call off the search for 7 missing fishermen including possible victims from the bay area. a fishing boat charted by tourists from northern california capsized yesterday. this afternoon, the mexican navy released these photos of the rescue. one american died, 35 people survived including three men from the bay area. survivor michael belmont talked to his wife this morning. >> it's the boat sinking. he said he was praying for his life and praying for help. >> we know that two other survivors are from the bay area. charles gibson, and richard of
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no novado. a man drowned near the state farm. the victim was swimming with a woman when she was swept downstream. the man helped her stay afloat and then he slipped beneath the water. we also witnessed rescuers pulling four children out of the fast moving waters. take a look at this video sent to us. he and six friends had just put in when they hit across three or four rapids and capsized. all seven people fell into the river. everyone made it to shore without being seriously hurt however one woman was treated for shots and doesn't remember capsizing at all. the coast guard and other law enforcement agencies planned extra patrols today. they were looking primarily for two safety violations. first people operating boats
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while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and second, voters who neglected to wear life jackets. the danger created by fireworks have firefighters on high alert as hot weather only amp lifies this concern. >> remember innocence of fireworks were found nearby and some residents told us they saw kids playing with fireworks earlier. there was minor damage and no reported injuries. many other south bay cities are concerned about this type of situation. >> something uses something like a sparkler or a bottle rocket and it will start a roof on fire and that could be a whole neighborhood. so we ask people that it doesn't mean that they're not dangerous. >> these fire works continue to sell well in gill roy. people we talked to say they are talkling precautions, especially with children
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around. >> we as parents only light them. we keep the kids far away. usually they stay on the sidewalk where we might set them off a few feet away. we keep a bucket of water, garden hose handy. >> the the cal fire unit in morgan hill says along with fireworks it is also consumed with other holiday activities such as campfires and bbqs. >> make sure your fire is extinguished. embers can escape even days later and start a fire. >> they acknowledge they'll be spread thin tonight since you don't need a lot of dry vegetation for a fire, not with fireworks around. >> investigators in south san francisco are looking for the cause of a fire. it happened in the hertz overflow lot near the airport, just north of it. there's a plume of smoke coming
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from that lot. strong winds made it difficult for firefighter establish to control the flames. fire investigators say they found evidence of fireworks nearby but it's unclear if fireworks sparked the blaze. a hacker apparently accessed a twitter account today and posted tweets indicating president obama had been killed. six tweets claimed that the president had been shot to death in iowa. there's no truth to the postings. it says it's investigating the hack debt. the secret service did not comment on the tweets. u.s. marines brought out the bbq today and cooked up steaks and hot dogs. they say they know their job overseas isn't over yet. >> it really makes you appreciate the things we enjoy as americans.
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we will be happy to celebrate but it will be a day like any other. patrols go out and work needs to be done. >> this months marks the start of a gradual draw down of troops. they plan to hand over full responsibility there by the end of 2014. >> new guidelines for ma'am mammograms. >> outside our doors, it's a nice evening for a fireworks show. giving you a live look at the skies overhead. we'll show you what you can expect for this evening and what you need to know getting back to work tomorrow. (
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amp identifies. police are investigating the shooting of a man at the san francisco civic center station. the chief of police said the man had an open bottle of alcohol and a weapon. >> the guy is armed with a knife. the guy used the bottle as a weapon. one of our officers is injured. our officers used their force which they thought was necessary in the defense of their lives. >> the identity of the shooting victim has not been made public, nor have the names of the officer, although the chief said one officer had 6 years of experience, the other 18 months. this has been the first shooting since two years ago. since then, b.a.r.t. police have made changes. >> they carry a variety of utensils from their belt. after a an officer was shot on
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knew years day of 2009, they have new training procedures. they must now undergo 48 hours each year. far more than the 24 hours every 2 years. it includes conflict resolution. >> transitioning between different levels of force from maybe a baton to pepper spray, from a taser to your handgun, from your handgun back to your taser. those are some of the issues and scenarios that have been presented to the officers. >> while last night's shootling is being investigated, the police chief says he posed a great threat to officers. >> somebody armed with a knife, deadly force is definitely in the realm of options. >> since the shooting, b.a.r.t.
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has also hired police chief and is con toking police practice and policies. >> that is the big one where we train all our officers in that method. >> it's not only assisting san francisco police in the inveighs guys of last night's shooting but will also be conducting internal period investigation to determine whether or not anything else needs to change. >> just about an hour ago, several dozen members of the groups, homes not jails moved into an unoccupied building in the mission district. >> people could be living in these houses. >> the groups members say they're occupy the building to raise awareness about home lessness and vacant housing. >> 42 units of housing in the building have set unoccupied for years. they say there's about 32,000 units that are currently occupied. >> police obtained at least one
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of the squatters after a brief alternations. >> they began deliberations today in the murder trial of casey anthony. she's accused of smootherring her daughter with duct tape. prosecutors wrapped up their arguments today telling the jury that casey anthony is a liar. >> mr. baez, in his closing statement, would you believe that there must be something wrong with casey anthony because she has quote, unquote, imaginary friends. those weren't imaginary friends. those were lies. >> the defense says the girl accidentally drowned in a pool and casey's grandfather panicked. >> roger clemons is due in federal court this week. he is accused of perjury, false payments and obstruction of congress for telling a house committee under oath that she never used human growth
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hormones. the trial is set to begin wednesday in d.c. his lead witness is his former strength trainer who said he injected clemons. >> new information tonight about mammograms. bay area doctors issued recommendations saying the frequency of screenings depends on the individual. >> about 1 in 6 women will get breast cancer. federal guideline call for mammograms every other year beginning at 50. >> i don't think that's right. it's all insurance, politics, money. >> some groups recommend regular mammograms at 40. >> people at my age group need to have them periodically for cautionary. >> not true according to new research. >> how frequently you get mammogram should be personalized and based on your own personal risk.
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>> steve cummings and coauthor say women should not get frequent mammograms. dense breasts have triple the cancer risk of fatty breast. >> it should depend on breast density even as much as on age and other risk factors. >> the notion of a woman's feelings about getting a mammogram. the assurance on one hand and the risk from worry on a false positive on the other. >> i got pretty nervous about thinking i might have it. so i do feel more sell cure. >> about a third of women that get mammograms every two years life long will have a false positive. >> triggering unneeded biopsy. >> it's a cost saving measure on their bell half, but it may be a death sentence for women that don't get mammograms.
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>> britain's newlyweds are going through canada. prince william and his bride kate had cheering crowds. the prince demon traited his skill as a royal air force search and rescue pilot. he did an emergency drill. they ride in los angeles on friday for a three day visit. >> lots of people came out early today to celebrate the most patriotic of all american holiday. thousands lined up to watch the rose, white and blue parade. the parade began at 10:00 a.m. with colorful floats and cars and trucks and veterans. how are you celebrating the 4th? e-mail us your photos and we'll post a holiday themed slide show on our website. we'll also be posting video of fireworks from all around the bay area. that's it's 4 days and counting to the
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blast off of the final space shuttle mission. they're due to lift off friday. this final shuttle mission will deliver supplies to the international space station. once it's back on the ground, the united states will have no spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts or supplies into space. nasa will have to rely on russia spacecraft to approximate get there. >> joey chestnut defends his competitive eating championship. how many dogs did he down this time? also ahead, fireworks forecast and your out look for the week ahead. you can also watch us on your computer or mobile device at i want to crush more cars.
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from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. flush. talk about a winter to remember. skiers celebrating the 4th of july on the slopes around lake at lake tahoe. a blake bear made an appearance during a live all right of us. it didn't cause any problems just wandered off the slopes. they put out a warning last week to remind campers to be
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mindful of bears. if you're heading out for fireworks, hints for you. >> yeah, notable cool down today because the clouds are along the coastline. while the clouds along the -- tough call if we're going to see the fireworks. you can see we're actually in pretty good shape. we have a pretty good breeze blowing which means if you are heading out there, bring along a jacket but the fog is just minimal. we saw it thicker earlier today but now you have to get down to about half moon bay before you see those clouds. they will be back. meanwhile, the winds anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour in most places. the temperature is pretty cool as well. bundle up the kids if you're headed that way. san jose is 76. concord is still sitting in the mid upper 80s and low 90s.
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73 in napa. so just a gorgeous night towboat doors, mostly clear skies and it's only right along the coast. we may get a little bit of patchy fog but not a big deal. upper 60s for the bay area. mid 70s inland and right there in san francisco we're looking at 60 degrees as we begin to see the lights go off. we are looking at a warm up in time for tomorrow. a cooling trend today, anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees depending on where you are. tomorrow we will bump those up again. mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. 3 to 5 degrees above what we saw today. take a look at what we're expecting tomorrow morning. 50 degrees, santa rosa. 90 tomorrow even hitting 100 and 102 around antioch.
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87 at mountainview. and along the coastline we're going to be sitting in the upper 60s, low 70s expected for san francisco. then wednesday we begin a cooling trend that will actually take us all the way into the weekend. for the coastline it will be cool. but inland it's going to grow more comfortable. upper 80s by thursday. low 80s saturday into sunday. >> thank you. well, he came, he saw, he ate. joey chestnut gobbles down 62 hot dog today. it was the 5th win for chestnut even though he was six dogs short of his personal best. the black widow won after eating 40 dogs. they praise chestnut as a world class competitor. >> well, that's our report for tonight. keep in mind that our coverage
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continues online at and with tonight's 10:00 tuesday. tmz's up next right here on tv36.
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